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Modell: MT100TB


♦ MR. Stephen Sun (Sales & Co-Gründer)

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Bilder von Gas Vapor Flowmeter Durchflussmesser

Technische Parameter unseres Gasturbinen-Durchflussmessers MT100TB







Gas turbine flow meter



Parameters of turbine flowmeter :

  1. Application - Gas Air
  2. Accuracy:-0.2%~0.5%
  3. Caliber and flow range:DN4-DN200 
  4. Power supply:24VDC
  5. Signal output:4~20m A
  6. Connect and installation type:clamp connection
  7. Body material:304 stainless steel
  8. Working temperature:-20°C~+80°C
  9. Working pressure:≤1.0MPa
  10. Display:LCD 8bit  cumulative flow and 4bit instantaneous flow
  11. Anti-Explode grade :NONE
  12. Protection grade:IP65

    (Ps: More models optional)



Structure and installation diagram 







Our  workshop

 We have our own factories and workshop to ensure the quanlity and delivery, so as the reputation related to our long run development. Q&C team will make our product enough warranty and credit for our domestic and aboard users.




Installation Field



Packing for Shipment




International certificates of our flowmeter

  In order promote our qualification and credit for servicing our users, we apply and pass the related field authority certificates.


Team activity

  We believe that only skilled and professional staffs can form a powerful and united team and company,  the strongest team is the cornerstone of a firm, hard to work,  happy to enjoy the life and business





Transaction History





♦ MR. Stephen Sun (Sales & Co-founder)


Email:  info(AT)   stephen(AT)
Cellphone: +86 18841127006
Skpye: meterytech
LINE: meterytech
Whatsapp: +86 18841127006
Wechat: Kai123263788
QQ: 123263788

Metery Technology Inc





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